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Most image formats include three types of metadata:
  • Mandatory metadata related to the format itself, containing parameters essential for the display of the image by the viewer.
  • Contextual metadata, which provide additional information (GPS, camera, lens, aperture, speed ...) as EXIF data specified by JEIDA / JEITA / CIPA.
  • Optional metadata, which Waaves uses as follows.
Waaves SDK users is available for cutomer who need to develop their own data structures and encapsulate them in this third metadata area. These data structures are virtually unlimited and may include dates, places, other images, sound recordings, signatures and even applications.

Each file is individual. Only users of the SDK in possession of the signature key can edit his metadata.

The metadata in the Waaves format thus allow encapsulation and securing of traceability information and of probative value. Each image can be accompanied by a description of the process, of the document or the product represented and transmitted / archived in a tamper-proof manner. AES 128 encryption could be provide in option.

Metadata also allow the automation of compression / decompression processes at predefined levels of quality through scripts using metadata content.


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