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Waaves - Image Compression for Industrial Imaging

More compact - More secure - More accurate

Waaves is an image format and a software suite for lossless compression of images, image sequences, and video dedicated to industrial and scientific imaging applications. Contrary to common formats, Waaves was designed from the ground up to to meet the reliability and security needs of applications as diverse as expert tele assessment, such as remote medical diagnosis, probative archival, traceability, and to allow identical visual reconstruction (interchangeability) of compressed images.
Waaves is available in hardware and software IP versions.


Waaves in 4 characteristics


3 to 10 times more compact, at equal quality settings    [ + read more ... ]

Unlimited Channels & 32 bit Information Depth            [ + read more ... ]


Smart Compression & Visually Lossless Reconstruction [ + read more ... ]

Customized metadata – to support many applications and guarantee traceability [ + read more ... ]



Compared to JPEG

imagerie médicale utilisant le codec Waaves

Depending on use cases, Waaves produces files that are 3 to 10 times more compact than JPEG (at equal quality levels). Waaves can compress images up to 1000 times while preserving their usability in a professional setting.
The JPEG family relies on the Discrete Cosine Transform and a coding mode that leads to strong posterisation in heavily compressed images. Waaves, like JPEG 2000, uses wavelet transform, which cosiders the images as a whole and doesn't exhibit that same tendency.

JPEG encodes images in  3 channels and 8 bit depth, meaning 256 levels per channel. JPEG LS (lossless) has a unique 12 bit channel. Waaves uses an unlimited number of channels, each coded over 16 or 3 bits, allowing much higher quality results and more varied uses.

Metadata, in a Waaves image can encapsulate a great variety of of data structures as well as applications, allowing, for example, 256 bits encryption or automated scripts for bulk compression.

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logos partenaires recherche Waaves10 years of successful research

Waaves is the result of :
  • 10 years of research.
  • 8 years of INSERM tests.
  • Clinical Studies.
3FUI / FEDER European projects were used to develop and optimize Waaves not only as a compression / tool but also as video tool for medical imaging, for tele assessment, person/object identification and to develop a hardware IP core version of Waaves.
We work with the following partners: CNRS, INSERM, ENSEA, UPMC (Pierre and Marie Curie University), AP-HP, HEGC (European Georges Pompidou Hospital), teaching hospital Laribioisière. Waaves is the result of 10 years of research.
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imagerie médicale utilisant le codec WaavesA stable and reliable codec

With over 80,000 licenses in use, Waaves is not just a powerful compression algorithm, but also a mature and stable platform.

Waaves has been tested in many technical environments and its library has been integrated with numerous professional imaging applications. All algorithmic evolutions and portings to a new environment have been systematically controlled by an INSERM team for eight years now.
Waaves is Medical Device ISO14971 and UTE62304 standards compliant.
Waaves is now used by many players in the medical digital in France, such as Dentalvia and Partelec Telmed but also abroad (Cardiolex, Acacia, InfoPeHR ...) in vital diagnostics applications.



A flexible and industrialized format

Unlike other formats, Waaves compresses dynamically images to a specified fix level of quality instead of focusing on constant ratio of file size. In automatic process :
  • After a rapid initial calibration, a customer script sets up and optimizes the compression ratio of various kinds of images or sequences to support professional specific quality level request.
  • Perceptual lossless compression, encryption, metadata scripting, guaranteed quality, Waaves provides a flexible and rigorous solution to the imaging needs of the industrial and scientific sectors.



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