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Waaves allows reversibility of the compression, restoring a final image without perceptual loss, with no introduced diagnosis bias, and artifact-free compared to the original image. This ability ensures interchangeability source and recontructed files, particularly important in industrial and security applications.

An INSERM study, to be published, indicates that among the different image formats tested, only Waaves produced the same image after reconstruction, regardless of the combination of platforms and software used.

Waaves can compress without any loss, in perceptually lossless mode or with a measurable and consistently reproducible level of loss. Concretely, this means that after calibration of the User's desired quality level, it becomes possible to script the automatic compression of images to a fixed and guaranteed level of quality, based on the content of their metadata without human frame by frame review !

For example, in mammography, a specialist will establish  35x to be the optimal compression rate, against 75x in orthopedics, or 45x in satellite imagery or 300x in archiving. After this calibration, all the successive images of the same type will be automatically compressed with the same level of quality and the same functional utility.

Waaves in 4 characteristics


3 to 10 times more compact, at equal quality settings    [ + read more ... ]

Unlimited Channels & 32 bit Information Depth            [ + read more ... ]


Smart Compression & Visually Lossless Reconstruction [ + read more ... ]

Unfalsiable and flexible metadata - to guarantee traceability  [ + read more ... ]


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