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Waaves image compression is based on wavelets theory. The algorithm has several essential advantages compared to the JPEG standard:
  • Compression rates are 3 to 10 higher than JPEG, at equal or superior quality settings. See image below, for instance.
  • Compression levels  correspond to desired image quality standards , NOT file size (unlike JPEG 2000).
  • Compression is totally reversible.

Imagerie médicale utilisant la compression optimisée Waaves
Example: The clinical case-study La compression en radiographie thoracique : jusqu’où peut on aller ? (chest radiography compression: how far can we go?) directed by Professor Guy FRIJA concluded that a chest radiography can be compressed on average by a factor of 80x, using Waaves,  without creating a bias in diagnosis. The same study also stated that, at the same level of quality, the Waaves file is 3 to 9 times more compact than with other compression solutions.

Imagerie médicale utilisant la compression optimisée Waaves

These optimal and reversible compression characteristics naturally accelerated the adoption of Waaves in medical diagnosis imaging applications but will prove equally useful in other industrial sectors such as probative archival or traceability imaging (working conditions, process safety, security, product assembly,  ...).

Storage and transfer costs can be significantly reduced while at the same time ensuring the probative value of the reconstructed image.

Waaves in 4 characteristics


3 to 10 times more compact, at equal quality settings    [ + read more ... ]

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