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Evaluation of Image Quality

In technical imaging, it is essential to be able to accurately describe the nature and amplitude of the degradations to image quality created by compression and reconstruction processes.

Many objective metrics have been devised for this purpose but their correlation to the subjective analysis of human evaluation is not always very good.

This page describes 4 such metrics and their use for evaluating the quality of compression / decompression algorithms : MSE, PSNR, SSIM and MS-SSIM.

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Waaves sample files and a comparison with JPEG

This page compares the performances of Waaves and JPEG on a number of sample files. Several aspects are considered: image quality, compression performance, artefacts.

These differences are initially studied on a sample high-resolution reference image.

A download link is then given for a set of images of various types and sources, each converted both in Waaves and JPEG at several quality levels. The download includes a free Waaves viewer.

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Waaves in 4 characteristics


3 to 10 times more compact, at equal quality settings    [ + read more ... ]

Unlimited Channels & 32 bit Information Depth            [ + read more ... ]


Smart Compression & Visually Lossless Reconstruction [ + read more ... ]

Unfalsiable and flexible metadata - to guarantee traceability  [ + read more ... ]


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