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About Ysitcom

Ysitcom was founded in 2015 as a technical and commercial partnership with Partelec, a company specializing in high technology electronic products for mobility created in 1989, itself in partnership with Mitsubishi Electric Europe. Partelec has been technically involved in the development of the Waaves format for the past 8 years and hosts many research projects with that image compression format at their heart.

Ysitcom SAS is specialized in the development, marketing and sales of optronic solutions for tele expertise. It is responsible for sales worldwide of Waaves specificaly Hardware/Embedded/Telecoms and Waaves Medical in the United Arab Emirates, both as software or as a hardware IP core (synthesizable RTL, FPGA or DSP). In 2015, Ysitcom raised 500 k euros 

Ysitcom's mission is to optimize and provide efficiency of industrial imaging applications.

Catherine Bellet

Catherine Bellet
A specialist of electronic components, Catherine has made her career in the semiconductor and telecom industries.

10 years ago, she focused on the implementation of imaging components for the distribution and storage of images, image sequences and video as well as the development of tele expertise solutions.

Manager and majority shareholder (85% of Partelec shares), she is also President of Ysitcom.


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