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Wednesday, october 2, 2013 tagThe Waaves Format, tagScientific Research

Launching the SmartEEG FUI R&D project

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We are lauching the FUI R&D Project titled SmartEEG. Labeled by the Systematic competitiveness cluster in the theme "ICT & Health" and selected at FUI 15, the SmartEEG project aims to develop and make available to healthcare professionals a telemedicine tool (hardware and software) dedicated electroencephalography (EEG).

By including video support and the measurement of various physiological signals, this solution will allow an interpretation of this exam for remote patients equal to those of local examinations.

Initiated by AP-HP Hospitals Lariboisière and Georges Pompidou, with the support of major electronics research laboratories:

LIP6 (University Pierre and Marie Curie / CNRS)
ETIS (ENSEA / Cergy-Pontoise University / CNRS)

This project benefits from the expertise of Paris Region SMEs heavily involved in ICT for medicine:
  • CIRA, project director, editor of the medical diagnosis image format Waaves and the digital health record Infocament (medical device).
  • PARTELEC, editor of the teleradiology solution Telemed-HDShare.
  • Acacia France, ECG specialist and editor of the teleradiology platform TELEMedic (medical device).
  • 2CSI, software editor and integrator for the healthcare sector (ERP Sano) and licensed health data hosting.
The solution proposed by the SmartEEG project will be used both in health institutions and in retirement homes (EHPAD) or in the patient's home (MAD / HAD). Pr. Kubis, head of Clinical Physiology Department at Lariboisière hospital, explains "we are trying to respond to a public health issue to ensure the possibility of interpreting scans on a time scale compatible with medical requirements given the existing human resources and to improve the equality of access to care."

This project aims to make available to health professionals a telemedicine tool (software and hardware) dedicated to EEG analysis with video support allowing remote diagnosis in the same conditions as in person diagnosis. It may be used in health care facilities, residential facilities for dependent elderly and home.

The neuroscientists of Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris wanted to develop a product that meets the current needs of teleneurology, especially with synchronization between the neurology signal and video. "Today, the neurology signal arrives before the video signal, which prevents making the connection between the 2, for example an external stimulus that explains a break in the neurology signal," describes Sylvain Hochberg, founder of Cira .

R&D costs have been estimated at € 5.65 million, of which € 2.4 million will be funded by the Interministerial Fund (FUI).

Cira & Partelec have been collaborating on the development of the Waaves format for over 10 years.

Wednesday, october 2, 2013 tagThe Waaves Format, tagScientific Research
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