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Friday, september 11, 2015 tagThe Waaves Format, tagPerformance

Waaves v4: a 650% performance boost.

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In order to help companies make a more efficient and safer use of their imaging processes, Ytiscom is releasing version 4 of the image / image sequence and video SmartCompression library Waaves.

Whether they realize it or not, corporations of all types rely more and more on imaging for essential aspects of their daily operations. From document scanning for archival purposes to remote diagnostics of diabetic retinopathy in rural areas, to hyper-spectral analysis of emissions or monitoring of facilities and processes, imaging is present in many forms and in all sectors.

The huge volumes of data generated each day by this dependence on imaging creates complexity and growing storage and transfer costs.

Moreover, as demonstrated by several cases in the recent past, these imaging processes suffer from the use of formats and processes designed for print purposes or consumer applications rather than to ensure compression robustness and the guarantee of producing final image quality suited to the intended end-use in any conditions.

Version 4 of Waaves was developed to provide scientists and industrial users with an image format and compression tools addressing all of these issues in all their applications.

About Waaves
Waaves is both an image format and a software library enambling its implementation in many scenarios and applications. Based on wavelet compression, it has been designed from the outset to meet the requirements of scientific and industrial applications :
  • Its compression is 3 to 10 times higher than JPEG's (for the same quality), depending on the types of images and applications, enabling condiserable storage and transfer gains [ + Read more ]
  • Waaves can process images with any number of channels with a depth of 16 or 32 bits each, for applications print or hyperspectral imaging. [ + Read more ]
  • Waaves supports SmartCompression of images, image sequences or video, compressing either in totally lossless mode (as jpeg ls, tiff, ZIP ...) or without perceptual loss, ie at a level where picture degradation is undetectable for any specific applications. Whatsmore, Waaves compression is based on a quality requirement, rather than output file size.[ + Read more ]
  • The structure of Waaves metadata allows the encapsulation of complex data and applications allowing for example, the use of electronic signatures, synchronisation of video with external events, AES 256-bit AES encryption ... These features are particularly important for traceability management applications, medical records, surveillance information ... Metadata also allows the scripting of fully automatic compression of image streams at guaranteed quality levels, by image type and by application. [ + Read more ]
In France, Waaves has been granted CE Medical Certification Class 1, which is a first step towards certification level 2A. Waaves is currently the only image format on the market to have obtained this certification. An ISO standardization process is also underway.

The Waaves Product Range is structured around an individual console for manual compression / decompression and an SDK allowing rapid integration of Waaves in almost all business applications on Unix, MacOS, Windows and Android. A viewer and a browser plug-in are also available. A version specific to the healthcare sector adds to those the support of DICOM source and output images.

About Waaves v4
Waaves was born in the fertile soil of scientific research and continues to be at the heart of several research projects. During the subsequent 10 years of development, Waaves has been used extensively medical applications, for which 500 000 user licences have already been sold.

The past two releases of Waaves have aimed to make the format available to a greater range of industrial applications:
  • Waaves 3.5 consisted of porting the application to a larger number of operating systems: Linux, MacOS, Windows and Android 4+.
  • Waaves 4.0 improves compression speed by a factor of 7 or 8 compared to previous versions (650% average performance gain), along with minor improvements in compression rate, making the format usable in applications where speed plays an important role.
Further resources
At the heart of the image compression, is the notion of image quality. This dimension can be evaluated subjectively or using algorithms focusing on specifics aspects of quality degradation due to compression. To help understand this more clearly, we offer the following two resources:
About Ysitcom
Ysitcom was founded in 2015 on the basis of a technical and commercial partnership with Partelec, a company specializing in high technology electronic products for mobility created in 1989 in partnership with Mitsubishi Electric Europe. Partelec has been involved with the technical development of the Waaves format for the past 8 years and runs multiple research projects with that image compression format at their heart.

Ysitcom SAS is specialized in the development and marketing of optronic solutions for tele-expertise. It is responsible for marketing Waaves throughout the world and Waaves Medical in the United Arab Emirates, both as a software library and as a hardware IP core (synthesizable RTL, FPGA or DSP). In 2015, Ysitcom raised 500 k €.

Ysitcom's mission to optimise the efficiency of industrial imaging applications.

Technical and sales : Catherine Bellet. c.bellet@ysitcom.com +33(0)4 84 25 58 28
Marketing & communications : Pascal Jappy p.jappy@partelec.fr +33 (0)6 98 03 36 43
Friday, september 11, 2015 tagThe Waaves Format, tagPerformance
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